The firm was pleased to co-host the University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law’s four-day intensive class “Policy Considerations in Evolving Areas of the Law.” The class is part of the UNH hybrid JD program. Firm speakers addressed the following topics:

Course Overview

Technology regulation is expanding in scope and geography and becoming inextricably linked with national security and politics. This course explored how the judicial, legislative, and executive branches grapple with commercial and government interests in developing policy with respect to antitrust, patent, copyright, privacy, data, and security issues. The course enabled students to explore various perspectives related to policy-making. It featured speakers representing the different branches of government, lobbyists, and private companies in their respective approaches to the development and applications of technology-related legal fields. The course explored IP Policy in 4 main areas

  1. Big tech and antitrust policy
  2. Patents and statutory subject matter policy
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI/Generative AI) policy
  4. Data usage and data privacy policy