Sterne Kessler is a pioneer in the protection and enforcement of biotechnology IP, including biopharmaceuticals, industrial biotechnology, and biosimilars.

Sterne Kessler's biotechnology practice was established just as the biotech revolution was beginning. Today, our practice is as diverse as the industry itself. We counsel clients worldwide on IP strategy across major applications of biotechnology—medicine and healthcare, agricultural processes, non-food and industrial processes, and environmental uses. Clients trust Sterne Kessler throughout the product lifecycle to help them navigate the opportunities and challenges unique to the industry. Biopharmaceuticals Sterne Kessler's biopharmaceuticals team works with biologic drug companies to develop, enforce, and defend patent portfolios. Biosimilars We help companies navigate the substantial opportunities and challenges associated with the launch of new biosimilar drugs. Therapeutic Antibodies We carefully manage intellectual property (IP) issues for therapeutic antibody innovators, ensuring they navigate development hurdles and achieve ambitious financial objectives. Industrial & Agricultural Biotech Sterne Kessler has developed landmark patents and won seminar disputes in the industrial and agricultural biotechnology industry.


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