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Trademark & Brand Protection

Your brand is one of your most valuable assets. Sterne Kessler can help you develop, maintain and protect a strong brand and distinctive trademarks globally.

Sterne Kessler's Trademark & Brand Protection team leverages intellectual property to help companies develop and maintain strong brands around the world. Our well-thought-out IP strategies guard against patent, trademark and copyright infringers; knock-offs and counterfeiting; online fraud; and idea theft by competitors, insiders, partners, and manufacturers.

Trademark Prosecution

Sterne Kessler’s trademark prosecution team conducts trademark selection, prosecution and enforcement on a global scale producing high-value results.


Sterne Kessler combats counterfeit products, from high-end designs to industrial parts, to protect your intellectual property from the effects of globalization.

Marketing & Advertising

Sterne Kessler helps clients to expand their brands via licensing, co-branding, and other marketing relationships, as well as to avoid false advertising claims.