Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection

Counterfeiting, regardless of industry, presents a significant business risk that must be addressed strategically and swiftly to avoid costly damage to your brand and reputation. Sterne Kessler works with marketing, business leadership, and legal teams to develop thoughtful, targeted, and “right sized” anti-counterfeiting solutions to protect your brand and products.

The explosive growth in counterfeiting, fueled in part by the expansion of the internet, costs the global economy over $500 billion dollars each year. It negatively impacts profits, consumer safety, and business reputations in virtually every industry worldwide.

Even though the threat from counterfeiters is obvious, companies are often stumped at how to implement an effective program to counteract counterfeiting, relying on one-off, often inefficient enforcement methods. Sterne Kessler’s Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection team is focused on addressing this issue with comprehensive strategies that we develop with clients and hone throughout the trademark lifecycle. Some of our clients include Lamborghini, Volkswagen Group, Thule, BTL Industries, and Paul Reed Smith Guitars, just to name a few.

Our anti-counterfeiting & brand protection services include:

  • Monitoring and investigative services to identify infringers
  • Registration and recordation of trademarks with trademark offices and customs agencies around the world, and assisting those agencies in detecting counterfeit products
  • Development of programs to guard and monitor distribution channels
  • Methods that secure and track products and packaging
  • Effective partnering with law enforcement, customs authorities, prosecutors, investigators, local regulatory authorities, and other government agencies to prosecute counterfeiters
  • Coordination of investigations of counterfeiting operations and collection of evidence for use in enforcement, including taking counterfeiters to trial

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