Marketing & Advertising

In a highly competitive global economy, businesses must work harder than ever to capture consumer attention. Creative media and advertising strategies can help a brand stand out in a crowded marketplace. But with every new creative strategy comes a new set of legal challenges. Clients trust Sterne Kessler to guide them through evolving regulations for marketing & advertising, and maximize the value of their brand investments.

Sterne Kessler’s Marketing & Advertising team works with clients, including The Washington Post, Volkswagen Group, and BTL Industries, amongst others, to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations for marketing, labeling, and advertising. We also help clients mitigate the risk of potential false advertising litigation as they develop and launch new campaigns. Our work includes advertising review for traditional media channels, and strategic counsel on using new media platforms to promote products and engage with customers in engaging and creative ways. We also help clients capitalize on opportunities for brand expansion via licensing, co-branding, and affinity relationships as well as sponsorships and endorsement agreements.

Our marketing & advertising services include:

  • Advertising review
  • Brand messaging and guidelines
  • Claims analysis and comparative advertising
  • Cooperative advertising
  • Co-branding and licensing
  • False advertising and litigation
  • Sponsorship and endorsement agreements

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