Earlier this month, the USPTO announced that it intends to send a “Welcome Letter” to applicants or counsel of record who have filed new trademark applications. The letter, which should appear as shown here, will be sent either electronically or by mail along with filing receipts issued for newly filed applications. The letter includes resources and information for brand owners to learn more about the application process and the USPTO.  

In the event you receive this letter, we wanted to share the contents ahead of time to reassure you that, as long as it appears as the example linked above, it is a communication from the actual USPTO. These letters should not seek any action on behalf of applicants, and are merely intended to share USPTO resources and information.

As you may be aware, third-parties posing as the USPTO or World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) continue to send emails and letters to brand owners, enticing unwary applicants to share personal information and/or comply with fraudulent payment requests. Should you receive a potentially fraudulent communication, please do not open any links or attachments, do not respond, and forward it to us for review. For more information regarding these scammers and misleading notices, please see the USPTO webpage here

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