“Just days before Volkswagen’s deadline to answer a lawsuit by Acer alleging infringement of wireless SEPs, the automaker has instead taken a licence in Avanci’s 4G platform.

Volkswagen has been a 2G and 3G licensee of Avanci since 2019, and has now expanded its deal to include 4G standard-essential patents, the licensing platform announced on Tuesday. This means the German OEM has agreed to pay $15 per car for all the 4G connected cars it has sold in the past two years, and those it will sell going forward.”

Director Daniel E. Yonan was mentioned as representing Volkswagen in the article “Volkswagen Takes 4G Avanci License, Resolving Patent Lawsuits in Virginia and Munich,” published by IAM. The team also includes Directors Uma N. Everett, Nicholas J. Nowak, Ryan C. Richardson, and Michael D. Specht; and Associates Andrew Z. Barnett, Brooke N. McLain, Timothy L. Tang, and Lauren A. Watt.

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