Counsel Lauriel F. Dalier was quoted in the article “Stone Beer Squabbles Spotlight Craft Brew Trademark Terrain (1),” published by Bloomberg Law.

From the article:

“Large companies have also pushed into the alcoholic beverage space where the federal government’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board has held that everything from wine to beer to kombucha should be considered a related product. Meanwhile, the pandemic pushed beer out of the taproom and into cans, making clearance and due diligence in branding more difficult and critical.

‘It’s probably as important if not more important than ever that trademark clearance be conducted in the U.S., so people aren’t potentially stepping on toes,’ trademark attorney Lauriel F. Dalier of Sterne Kessler Goldstein & Fox PLLC said, adding that brewers looking into merchandise like t-shirts adds another layer of complexity and potential conflict. ‘It’s important to be looking into how these industries are expanding.'”

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