Chief Operating Officer Robert K. Burger was quoted in the article “IP Firms Relaxed on Flexibility but Would Prefer Busy Offices,” published by Managing IP. Burger provides insight into Sterne Kessler’s flexible stance on remote work, hiring practices, and new office space. 

Following is an excerpt from the article:

Sterne Kessler has recently moved into a new penthouse space. The venue is smaller than its previous location but equipped with various amenities intended to make the office an ideal place to work.

These include a room with studio-quality sound for when employees have webinars or remote hearings, a wellness centre with a full-time nurse practitioner, a full-time barista, lunch for anyone who comes in, and a library lounge to facilitate social interactions.

Burger says the new office has been busy so far.

‘We didn’t require people to come in, they’re just in because they enjoy the space,’ he says.

Burger adds: ‘We’re a people business. Creating an environment where people can work together and know each other is really what this is all about.'”

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