Director Robert Greene Sterne will be co-chairing PLI’s conference, “USPTO Post-Grant Patent Trials 2019: New Challenges & Tactics,” on Wednesday, September 11, 2019. Director Deborah Sterling, Ph.D. is a panelist on the topic, “PTAB Trial Route: The Article I Trial Court: Mechanics – Discovery, Briefing, Motion Practice and Amendment.”

About the PTAB Trial Route

An AIA Trial starts at institution and concludes in the final written decision (FWD) of the PTAB, this segment will cover everything in between. During such time the paper “trial” is conducted. Leading practitioners will examine the unique PTAB forum, practices and pitfalls, direct testimony via declarations, cross-examination by deposition, briefing and motion practices, including the Amendment Pilot program.

What You Will Learn at the Conference

  • The State of the U.S. Patent System: an intimate conversation with the Former CAFC Chief Judge and Former USPTO Director
  • Learn how to prosecute and build patent portfolios to thwart later PTAB challenges
  • Understand the intersection and impact of the PTAB on licensing practices across predictable and unpredictable technologies
  • Hear new tactics, evolving risks and trial institution best practices used for preliminary proceedings
  • Understand the intricacies of the Article I Trial Court, including discovery, briefing, motion practice and amendment
  • Discover how to best license and navigate efficient infringement
  • Explore strategies to best prepare for the final written decision, rehearing and appeals to the CAFC
  • Find out how to stay district court and/or ITC proceedings and leverage the PTAB journey in active litigation