Director Robert Greene Sterne moderated the webinar “The UPC Is Almost Here: What You Need To Know Now!” on Tuesday, May 23, 2023 from 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. ET. This briefing was hosted by the United States Intellectual Property Alliance (USIPA) and the Global Intellectual Property Alliance (GLIPA).


The long-awaited UPC and EP/UP become operational June 1. This development will impact global intellectual property profoundly and requires everyone to have a basic understanding of its consequence. Our 90 minute briefing will provide experienced IP professionals and business executives with immediate, essential information on what to do and not do.

This insight will enable one to navigate immediately this new IP regime and apply it in a practical and effective manner to their enterprise.

Discussions around possible unanticipated freedom to operate suits and challenges, standalone revocation proceedings at Central Divisions (Munich, Paris, and perhaps Milan), parallel UPC/national enforcement actions, advanced prosecutions strategies, and many others topics will be explored by leading experts. These experts have dedicated countless hours of study and thinking to develop a comprehensive framework that they will share on the webinar.