Director Eldora L. Ellison, Ph.D. will co-lead the PTAB Bootcamp pre-conference session at the 2021 PTAB Bar Association Annual Conference in Washington, DC on Wednesday, September 22, 2021.

Session Overview

This session is geared toward lawyers who are interested in an overview of the who, what, and when of IPRs, PGRs, CBM reviews, and appeals. The “who” will address the general questions that need to be addressed to see if your client is eligible to file one of these proceedings. The “what” will address the general questions about what patents are eligible for each type of review and what may be raised in each of these proceedings. And the “when” will address the timing limitations for each of these proceedings. This interactive workshop will guide attendees through an IPR fact pattern from institution to final written decision, discussing best practices for petition drafting, briefing before the Board, discovery parameters boundaries, and tips for a successful oral argument.