When The Issue Goes Beyond Amazon, Alibaba, eBay…

It makes sense, when w
e talk about the growing problems of counterfeits online, everybody looks at the major ecommerce players out there. Nevertheless, for this reason counterfeiters are looking more and more to sources that were considered unsuspicious not very long ago. Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels are often matched with hidden web chats such as WhatsApp or Telegram. When major platforms and brands are using cutting-edge technology to enforce intellectual property, counterfeiters won’t simply stop, they’ll just change strategies.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. The most common evasion techniques used by counterfeiters on social media.
  2. What Facebook and other platforms have been doing to address the problem.
  3. Both big and small actions brands should take on these platforms.
  4. Litigation vs. enforcement actions, both opportunities and limitations.