Sterne Kessler helps electronics companies maximize IP’s contribution to shareholder value through patents, licenses, litigation and related IP services.

Sterne Kessler is focused on using intellectual property to help electronics clients achieve their business objectives and increase shareholder value. We have developed an integrated IP model where team expertise extends across procurement, defense and enforcement, optimizing all aspects of clients' IP strategies.

We recognize that to succeed, we must capitalize on the strengths of the larger team (Sterne Kessler's and our clients'). When providing counsel in technology patenting and deals, we work closely with our clients' top managers at mission-critical stages involving strategy, patent procurement, licensing negotiation and litigation. That collaboration extends to optimizing all aspects of clients' IP — training technical teams and in-house counsel, creating enforcement-ready portfolios, negotiating licensing deals, performing IP due diligence for investment and acquisition opportunities, and defending or enforcing intellectual property rights.

Drawing on Sterne Kessler's 40 years of experience and thought leadership, advanced academic training and decades of real-life business and engineering know-how, our IP professionals have developed the necessary skills to provide counsel and help clients achieve their business goals in a variety of electronics sectors, including:

  • Analog and digital circuits
  • Computer architecture and systems
  • Cryptography, coding and compression
  • Data storage
  • Electronic design automation
  • Flexible electronics
  • Graphics processing unit architecture and GPU applications
  • Integrated circuits
  • Internet applications and e-commerce
  • Lighting — plasma and solid-state
  • Memory circuits, systems and technologies
  • MEMS manufacturing and applications
  • Mobile computing and communication
  • Nanotechnologies, materials engineering and quantum-effect devices
  • Networking and communications
  • Optoelectronics and photonics
  • RF and near-field communications
  • Semiconductor processes, structures, devices, lithography and manufacturing equipment
  • Software
  • 3-D printing

We represent mature and emerging growth companies on the forefront of their respective technology spaces and have traditionally had an innovator focus. Our history includes representing some of the seminal breakthroughs in technology.

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