Country Patent Term Extension Provision
Argentina No
Australia Yes
Austria Yes
Bangladesh Yes, but at discretion of government
Bahrain No
Belgium Yes
Bolivia No
Brazil No
Brunei Yes
Bulgaria Yes
Canada No — currently being drafted
Chile Yes
China No
Colombia No
Costa Rica Yes
Croatia Yes
Cyprus Yes
Czech Republic Yes
Denmark Yes
Ecuador No
Estonia Yes
Finland Yes
France Yes
Georgia Yes
Germany Yes
Greece Yes
Hong Kong No
Hungary Yes
India No
Indonesia No
Irish Republic Yes
Italy Yes
Israel Yes
Japan Yes
Jordan Yes
Kuwait No
Latvia Yes
Lithuania Yes
Luxembourg Yes
Malaysia No
Malta Yes
Mexico No
Moldova Yes
Netherlands Yes
New Zealand No
Oman No
Peru No
Philippines No
Poland Yes
Portugal Yes
Qatar No
Romania Yes
Russia Yes
Saudi Arabia No
Singapore Yes
Slovakia Yes
Slovenia Yes
South Africa No
South Korea Yes
Spain Yes
Sweden Yes
Taiwan Yes
Thailand No
Turkey No
Ukraine Yes
United Arab Emirates No
United Kingdom Yes
United States of America Yes
Venezuela No
Vietnam No

This article appeared in the August 2017 issue of Global Patent Prosecution Newsletter.