By Rani Mehta

Director Paul A. Calvo was quoted in the Managing IP article “How Firms Jostle for Talent in ‘Competitive’ Life Sciences Market,” which features lawyers from four firms discussing whether they expect an increased demand for life sciences work and the impact on their hiring strategies. The following is an excerpt from the article:

“Paul Calvo, director at Sterne Kessler in Washington DC, says his firm continues to see more demand for life sciences work. ‘We plan to keep going. We recently had one of the biggest summer associate classes that we’ve had in a while. It’s definitely a trend.’

Calvo at Sterne Kessler adds that he understands the appeal of hiring qualified laterals. ‘The sweet spot might be in the third or fourth year of practice for a lateral, where they are fairly self-sufficient and haven’t had the opportunity to make really bad habits yet and can easily be placed into a group and get the work done.’

Sterne Kessler also hires those who have studied Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) subjects as technical specialists. The firm then supports them if they want to become patent agents or lawyers.

‘They’re the closest to the science and have a great appreciation for it. Our job is to teach them the law,’ says Calvo.

Calvo at Sterne Kessler adds that since COVID, the firm has had to put in more effort to make sure that it doesn’t lose its culture when people are working in hybrid or fully remote positions. ‘When we maintain the culture, that is one of the things people come back to as to why they stayed at Sterne Kessler,’ he notes.”

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