Director Deborah Sterling, Ph.D. will moderate the “The Inflation Reduction Act and its Potential Impact On EU Biotech & Pharma Companies: Demystifying the Future” panel at the 10th LSX World Congress on Monday, April 29, 2024.

Panel Overview

Biotech and pharma companies in the EU who either already do business in the US market or are planning to do so may be wondering about the complexities of the IRA and its impact on them. With the US market being a lucrative and attractive environment for EU companies seeking commercialisation, how can we best prepare for these changes in the coming years?

  • How will the IRA impact fundraising for European biotechs – are investment strategies evolving
  • How will the IRA affect EU companies who plan to enter the US market – what should these companies prioritize
  • How will the IRA affect EU companies who either market products in the US, or hold products licenced to US entities for manufacturing and/or distribution
  • What could be the long-term impact of the IRA on EU companies looking to grow in the US
  • What do European biotechs and investors alike need to think about to leverage future success- what’s the larger opportunity