On April 15, director Chandrika Vira will lead a round table discussion titled “Litigation in an Age of Biologics Versus Biosimilars” during IAM‘s Pharma & Biotech IP Connect.

In small breakout groups, participants will have the opportunity to deep dive into a series of specific topics in an interactive environment. Topics to discuss include:

  • What impact will the latest rulings in the CRISPR patent battle have on progress in the field of gene editing?
  • What would a unitary SPC mean for the life sciences industry in Europe?
  • How can you overcome patentability questions raised by new technologies?
  • Litigation in an age of biologics versus biosimilars: what does the early wave of litigation signal for the future?
  • Managing budgets in an age of restriction: how can you do more with less?
  • What should you consider in selecting the right outside counsel and how do you maximise their value add?

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