Director Robert Greene Sterne will be co-chairing PLI’s webinar “The Reinvention of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB)” on Wednesday, October 24, 2018. Now that new USPTO Director Iancu has the power to control Board precedent, and a new claim construction standard will be applied in a matter of weeks, the PTAB is in the midst of a significant renovation. But what will these changes mean for stake holders? Will the switch from BRI to the Phillips standard move the needle for Patent Owners? What will this change mean for petitioners and their parallel litigation positions? How have other initiatives of the new Director impacted the perspectives of the Board to Patent Owners?

The webinar will discuss some of these issues and other hot topics, including:

  • Strategies impacted by the change to Phillips
  • The flexing of the Board’s equitable powers to deny petitions and new pseudo-precedent
  • Potential changes in appellate strategy
  • New Standard Operating Procedures and new precedent
  • Enhanced RPI/privy opportunities in light of new Federal Circuit precedent
  • Expected changes to come