Chief Operating Officer Robert K. Burger will be a panelist in the complimentary ALM webinar “Recession and Crisis Preparation: How New Technologies Can Help Law Firms Streamline Operations” on Thursday, March 26, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. EST.


Is a recession on the horizon? While the probability of a near recession can never be 100% predicted, it is smart to prepare. In fact, any global crisis, such as the coronavirus pandemic, underscores the need to devise a strategy before it happens, rather than in the midst of a crisis.

Is your firm adequately prepared? Join this webcast and learn how law firms can streamline operations and integrate new technologies, such as in the area of depositions, to brace for or other global crisis. For example, new realtime technologies can stream the transcript as a deposition occurs, and digital repositories for exhibits and transcripts can be immensely valuable.

The webcast will also cover:

  • What types of operations are most likely to be affected in the event of a recession or global crisis.
  • How firm decision-makers go through the process of prioritizing processes, and areas where technology integration can facilitate those processes.
  • Simple tricks to prepare now before a recession or global crisis hinder operations.

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