As a way of keeping in touch with our clients and keeping them informed on PTAB developments during the COVID-19 pandemic, the firm launched the PTAB Briefing Webinar Series. This informal and interactive series will address current PTAB issues from a practical perspective. The seventh webinar was District Court Patent Litigation (Part 3 of 3): PTAB Impacts to Late Phases – Estoppels and Damages. The speakers included Director Byron Pickard and Associate Lauren Watt. The webinar was moderated by Director Michael Specht.

This webinar built on our two previous webinars in our series-within-a-series focusing on district court patent litigation and the impacts of the PTAB. The first webinar, entitled, District Court Patent Litigation: Forever Changed by the PTAB – Impact and Analysis, provided an overview highlighting how the PTAB has impacted district court cases and how litigation strategies have evolved. The second webinar, entitled District Court Patent Litigation: PTAB Impacts to Early Phases, provided a more in-depth analysis into how the PTAB has impacted litigation strategies for the early phases for a district court litigation, such as pre-filing due diligence, stays, claim construction and the like.

Part 3 of the webinar focused on the late phases of a district court patent litigation. For example, we considered estoppels as applied to both plaintiffs and defendants, damages and attorney costs. We also discussed practice tips for both plaintiffs and defendants as parties navigate district court litigation in view of the ever-evolving influence of PTAB proceedings.

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