Director Lestin L. Kenton, Jr. will speak on the panel “Patent Trial and Appeal Board Practice” during the “IP Master Class: Strategies for CAFC, District Court, ITC, and PTAB” virtual seminar on April 16, 2021. This event is hosted by the UIC John Marshall Law School Center for Intellectual Property, Information & Privacy Law.

Topics for this panel include:

  • How discretionary denials have dramatically changed PTAB practice (e.g., NHK/Fintiv).
  • The future of estoppel at the PTAB (e.g., Synqor and Minerva).
  • Public accessibility of printed publications – pitfalls for the unwary petitioner.
  • Petitioner considerations, and Patent Owner strategies, for privity and real parties-in-interest.
  • The future (or lack thereof) of secondary considerations (objective indicia of nonobviousness) at the PTAB.