Director Monica Riva Talley spoke on the Strafford webinar “Online Counterfeiting and Infringements: Pursuing Trademark and Design Patent Infringers” on October 26, 2023.

This CLE course provided strategies for IP counsel to monitor and protect against online sales of counterfeit products. The panel examined brand registries that identify legitimate brand goods, reviewed lessons from recent cases, and offered best practices for stopping online infringers.


As worldwide counterfeiting continues to spread, IP owners must protect their brand’s value, reputation, and customers. Counterfeit goods are sold via social media sites. Online sellers use bots to post thousands of images daily and harvest email addresses to create a database of potential customers for counterfeit goods.

Counterfeiting directly impacts a brand owner’s revenue, with lower quality copies flooding the market, damaging the perceived value of the brand, and reducing demand (and pricing) for legitimate brand products.

Listen as our authoritative panel reviews the latest trends in online counterfeiting in the context of trademarks and design patents and discusses what IP owners can do to protect against online counterfeiting. The panel will also examine registries that Amazon, eBay, and others offer to identify and safeguard legitimate goods. The panel will outline lessons from recent cases and best practices for policing and protecting against online infringers.


  1. Current trends and recent cases in online counterfeiting
    1. Trademarks
    2. Design patents
    3. Use of social media
  2. Brand registries to identify and protect brands
    1. Amazon
    2. eBay
    3. Others
  3. Best practices for stopping online infringers


The panel will review these and other notable issues:

  • Current trends in online counterfeiting
  • Strategies for policing trademarks and designs to identify and stop counterfeiters
  • Steps for IP counsel to pursue legal action against online counterfeiters