Director Uma N. Everett will speak on the panel “The Litigation Landscape Post COVID” at CenterForce’s Women & Law in IP Virtual Summit on Thursday, June 3, 2021.

Session Overview

The environment for Patent Litigation is changing. Plaintiffs are more savvy, battle tested and adept at filing patent litigation, including using international forums. Companies are increasingly filing, selling, acquiring and monetizing patents. The landscape is in flux and seems to be getting more complex. As institution rates decline, IPR use is less automatic. At the same time, NPE litigation in the U.S. is decreasing, while operating company litigation is slightly increasing.

This panel will explore:

  • Preparing for a shifting patent litigation landscape
  • Litigation avoidance through portfolio management and product development
  • Be ready for the international litigation or ITC proceedings
  • What are the top countries for litigating patent disputes? What trends can be observed in global patent litigation?
  • Is the ITC an effective forum to enforce patents?
  • Shift at the PTAB – the data is confusing