On April 15th, JETRO New York Intellectual Property Group will be hosting a bilingual (Japanese/English) seminar focused on global IP best practices for Japanese companies. Directors Robert Greene Sterne, John Covert, Deborah Sterling, and Counsel Yugo Nagashima with Semantic Labs’ CEO York Eggleston will address timely global IP topics of particular concern to multinational Japanese enterprises. Members of JETRO from Japan and around the world along with other leading global IP professionals are invited to attend this complimentary virtual event.

During session one of the webinar, Rob Sterne and Yugo Nagashima will present the topic “Enhancing and Developing an Optimum Global Intellectual Return on Investment Program for Japanese Companies.”

In session two, Semantic Labs’ CEO York Eggleston IV will present on the topic “Monetizing Corporate IP: Funding Cross Boarder IP Acquisition and Assertion Campaigns”

In session three, John Covert and Deborah Sterling will present on the topic “Options for Third-Party Participation in Pre-Grant or Post-Grant PTO Proceedings.”