Director Paul A. Calvo, Ph.D. spoke at the Embassy of Italy on Wednesday, October 28, 2020. Paul’s presentation titled “Intellectual Property as a Tool to Protect Innovation” is linked above. The passcode to view the recording is: @A+bW6+t

Presentation Description:
All too often inventors miss the opportunity to protect their inventions because of a lack of guidance on the proper steps to take at the outset of the discovery process.

Having an understanding of the power of IP can help researchers navigate the problems and pitfalls of protecting their innovation. This is especially important in life sciences and biomedical research where development products must undergo the lengthy process of regulatory approval.

The presentations will cover:

  • Why it is important to protect inventions
  • The types of intellectual property rights, with a focus on patents
  • What is patentable and what are the types of patents (inventions, models, design, plant varieties)
  • Legal requirements for first filing (i.e. when a foreign filing license is required before filing in a different country in case of applicants of US and IT residence/nationality)
  • National, international and regional patent applications
  • Importance of record keeping, for example laboratory notebooks
  • Balancing the need to publish with the generation of patent protection
  • Process of technology commercialization