Directors Robert Greene Sterne and Gaby L. Longsworth, Ph.D. will be speaking in the IPWatchdog webinar “Innovation in the Age of COVID-19” on Tuesday, April 14, 2020 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. EDT.

Webinar Overview

What do Tom Hanks, Rand Paul, Idris Elba, and Boris Johnson have in common? They are just some of the high-profile people to be diagnosed with the COVID-19. Proof that SARS-CoV2 can affect anyone.

The situation is dire. In many places, hospitals are overwhelmed, and the health care system is overworked, overburdened, and barely hanging on. Models currently being used by the U.S. government suggest the pandemic will continue into the summer. And there may be a second wave of COVID-19 in the Fall.

But did you know that dozens of leading U.S. research universities are doing widespread research directed to drugs, diagnostics, ventilators and personal protective equipment capable of addressing the immediate pandemic and its next wave? These universities are being deluged with requests from Big Tech and life sciences companies to collaborate, producing a never before seen atmosphere of cooperation. This massive outpouring of innovation and product development is going around the clock because COVID-19 labs and manufacturing are allowed to operate during the lockdown.

Join us on Tuesday, April 14, 2020, for a special free 2-hour webinar conversation from 11am to 1pm ET. We will discuss the COVID-19 pandemic, the science, what governments are doing, policies that could and should be adopted in order to be in a better position for the next pandemic, or if/when COVID-19 returns, and what you and your team, firm or corporation may be able to do to contribute to this unique global effort.