Director Robert Greene Sterne spoke at the “Expanding Director and CEO Intellectual Property Responsibilities Under the E.U.’s New Unified Patent Court” event on Thursday, May 11th, from 12:30 – 2:30 PM. Zoeller Company hosted this detailed in-person briefing. The event was also available virtually. View the complimentary event recording on demand here.

A significant change to protecting innovation, liability for patent infringement, and accessing markets in Europe is about to take place. On June 1, the Unified Patent Court will begin, and Unitary Patents will become available. The UPC will cover 17 EU countries and over 400 million consumers immediately. This will have several profound effects on businesses that sell or source from Europe.

If you advise or work with a board of directors, if you sell or source from the EU, and if you own patent rights in Europe, it is important that you understand how the changes there will impact your options in Europe and other key markets like the United States starting June 1, 2023.