Auto IP USA and Europe

Director Salvador M. Bezos will be moderating the panel, “Beyond The Car: The IP Challenges of The Future” at IAM‘s “Auto IP USA” on May 8, 2019, in Detroit, Michigan.

While recognizable technology leaps have taken place in the automobile, there are key developments taking place in other areas such as freight and the ‘last mile’, through micro-mobility trends.

  • IP challenges on the horizon for the new era of mobility
  • Lessons learned so far from the ever-changing automobile landscape
  • Can developments in SEP and FRAND be transferred to different types of mobility?

Building on three years of success in Detroit, IAM’s Auto IP USA will bring together the leading IP experts from across the automotive landscape. Through thought leadership, discussion and networking, attendees will gain insight into the IP challenges facing those driving change in the new era of mobility.