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Sterne Kessler serves branded pharma innovators, as well as generic drug companies, to address a full range of IP issues.

Sterne Kessler's pharmaceuticals practice integrates deep technical knowledge related to organic and inorganic chemistry, biotechnology and genetics with legal acumen related to patent prosecution, validity challenges at the PTAB, and ANDA litigation. We work effectively with both branded pharmaceutical innovators and generic drug companies to align IP with corporate strategy.

Prescription & OTC Drugs

Sterne Kessler’s pharmaceuticals team helps small molecule drug companies across the full range of IP – patents, litigation, opinions and strategy.

Infectious Diseases

Sterne Kessler’s infectious disease team helps clients protect and defend the drug and vaccine innovations they make in the fight against infectious diseases.

Generic Drug Development

Sterne Kessler’s generic drug team combines deep understanding of small molecule drug innovators’ IP with an exceptional ANDA litigation capability.

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