Sterne Kessler combats counterfeit products, from high-end designs to industrial parts, to protect your intellectual property from the effects of globalization.

Lessening the impact of counterfeiting on a company is not just a litigation or enforcement issue, it is a business issue — one that must be addressed strategically to have the greatest effect. Sterne Kessler works with clients' marketing, leadership and legal teams to develop thoughtful, targeted solutions to combat counterfeiting.

The explosive growth in counterfeiting, fueled in part by the expansion of the internet, is costing the global economy billions of dollars. It negatively impacts profits, consumer safety and business reputations in virtually every industry worldwide.

Even though the threat from counterfeiters is obvious, companies are often stumped at how to implement an effective program to counteract counterfeiting, relying on piecemeal (and often inefficient) enforcement methods. Our practice is focused on addressing this issue.

Sterne Kessler's team works with clients' marketing, strategic and legal departments to develop thoughtful, targeted approaches to lessen the impact of counterfeiting throughout the entire organization.

Anti-counterfeiting services include:

  • Registration and recordation of trademarks with trademark offices and customs agencies around the word, and assisting those agencies in detecting counterfeit products
  • Development of programs to guard and monitor distribution channels
  • Methods that secure and track products and packaging
  • Collaborative work with government agencies that can act against counterfeiters
  • Collaborative work with law enforcement, customs authorities, prosecutors, investigators and local regulatory authorities
  • Coordination of investigations of counterfeiting operations and collection of evidence for use in enforcement, including taking counterfeiters to trial