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Patent Prosecution

Whether seeking utility, design or business method patents, you can expect efficient, high-quality preparation and prosecution by the Sterne Kessler team.

Patent prosecution is a foundational practice for Sterne Kessler. We focus on producing quality patents that can survive validity challenges at the PTAB. Further, we invest in systems and processes that produce quality patents at high levels of efficiency.

In 2019, Managing Intellectual Property magazine presented Sterne Kessler with the top award in the category “Patent Prosecution: U.S. National” in recognition of Sterne Kessler’s prowess and long-standing marketing leadership in patent prosecution. Turn to Sterne Kessler for top-tier patent prosecution.

Utility Patents

Sterne Kessler obtains top-quality utility patents across a broad range of technical disciplines, from biotech and electronics to chemistry and mechanical.

Design Patents

Sterne Kessler is recognized internationally as a global leader in the protection of design rights.

Business Methods

Sterne Kessler has deep experience with business method and software patents. We help clients navigate §101 challenges in a ‘post-Alice’ patent world.

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