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Josephine M. Gonzales, Ph.D.

Technical Specialist


Josephine M. Gonzales, Ph.D., is a technical specialist in Sterne Kessler’s Biotechnology & Chemical Practice Group. Her background and technical area of expertise include molecular and cellular biology, immunology, biochemistry, and biotechnology.

Before joining Sterne Kessler, Josephine was a student assistant evaluating and strategizing intellectual property for projects dealing with viruses, biomechanical exoskeletons, and fungal cultivation from universities worldwide involved in the Enabling Innovation Environment project of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Josephine received her Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Molecular & Cell Biology from Cornell University. During her doctoral studies, she focused on cis-specific proteins involved in important mechanisms for development and disease. She detected an auxin protein’s degradation rate, which is responsible for lateral roots in rice. Also, she studied a novel cis-locked small molecule and its association with Alzheimer’s disease proteins using confocal microscopy. Josephine earned her B.S. in Molecular Biology, cum laude, from the California State University of San Marcos, where she received the Dean’s Award for the College of Science and Mathematics. During her undergraduate training, she had the opportunity to study the wound healing effects of the immunosuppressant Everolimus on renal transplant patients.

Technical Publications

  • Dutt, S. B., Gonzales, J., Boyett, M., Costanzo, A., Han, P. P., Steinberg, S., ... & Jameson, J. M. (2017). mTOR inhibition by everolimus does not impair closure of punch biopsy wounds in renal transplant patients. Transplantation direct3(4).

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Biochemistry, Molecular & Cell Biology
Cornell University
Molecular Biology
California State University San Marcos
cum laude