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Bill Goodwin

E-Discovery and Litigation Practice Technology Manager


Bill Goodwin

Bill Goodwin is the e-discovery and litigation practice technology manager for Sterne Kessler. Bill joined the firm in October 2014 to build the litigation practice technology department from the ground up and continues to expand the practice’s capabilities. Bill is responsible for the discovery lifecycle of all litigation cases. This includes preservation of data, collection, processing, hosting in the firm’s in-house review tool, vendor selection and management, and consulting throughout the entire EDRM process.  Bill also helps case teams prepare for trial and provides on-site trial support with all required software and hardware solutions.

Bill has 17 years of experience in the litigation support arena, 10 years of experience as a vendor where he built three separate e-discovery departments including two as an owner, and seven years within law firms as a manager, project manager, and e-discovery analyst. Bill has a vast knowledge of using various technologies, workflows, and managing cases with a consultative approach with legal teams and clients regarding e-discovery best practices throughout the EDRM lifecycle.

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University