U.S. Chemical Patent Law: A Practical Guide, edited by Director Robert W. Esmond, Ph.D., is published by Bloomberg Law.

The publication is designed to be a practical guide for the preparation and prosecution of U.S. chemical patent applications. Each chapter addresses a different issue facing the chemical prosecutor, provides the present day state of the law with representative cases, and provides tips for writing and prosecuting patent applications. The publication provides a clear and up-to-date guidance and warnings about hidden pitfalls on chemical patent law.

The publication begins with a chapter describing the historical development of U.S. Chemical Patent Law. Further chapters discuss the claiming of chemical inventions, anticipation, obviousness, written description and enablement, restriction requirement practice, obviousness-type double patenting, patent eligibility, patent office litigation, and infringement.

Limited copies of U.S. Chemical Patent Law: A Practical Guide are available by request. For consideration, please submit a request using this online form.

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