The Perspectives on the PTAB newsletter is designed to be a valuable resource for all stakeholders in the global patent arena throughout the patent life cycle. To that end, articles will provide perspectives from both sides of the “v” with an eye toward providing the most current thinking on how to increase return on investment and the value of US patents. Depending on the topic, this 360 degree approach will be explored within an article or across a series of related articles.

This month we tackle three important issues:

  1. The Turning Tide of Adoption of the Lead Compound Analysis Is Favoring Patent Owners at the PTAB
  2. 325(d) Part III – Patent Owner Tools for Obtaining Denial of Institution under 35 USC 325(d)
  3. Board Guidance on Federal Circuit Remands – Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 9

While the staff of our newsletter have plans to explore many issues, we welcome feedback and suggestions to ensure we are meeting the needs and expectations of all our readers. So if you have issues you wish to see explored either within an issue of the newsletter, please reach out to me.

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