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Sterne Kessler Client Catalyst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Reaches Patent Litigation Settlement

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Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox

Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox secured a settlement on behalf of Catalyst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. regarding ongoing patent infringement litigation with Jacobus Pharmaceutical Company, Inc. and PANTHERx Rare LLC. Catalyst will dismiss all claims asserting infringement against Jacobus of Catalyst’s patents relating to its proprietary FIRDAPSE® product that treats Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome (LEMS) treatment.

The Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox team representing Catalyst was led by Directors Paul A. Ainsworth and Dennies Varughese, Pharm.D. The press release issued by Catalyst about this settlement can be viewed here.

The related cases are Catalyst Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Serb SA v. Jacobus Pharmaceutical Company, ca no. 3:20-cv-14590-mas-dea (D.N.J.) and Catalyst Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Serb SA, v. Pantherx Specialty LLC, and Panther Specialty Holding Co., ca no. 3:20-cv-17040-mas-dea (D.N.J).

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