Director Ivy Clarice Estoesta was quoted in the article “Monkeys, Holy Spirits, AI—It’s All the Same for the U.S. Copyright Office,” published by Legaltech News. From the article:

“Estoesta outlined a legal phenomenon akin to one door closing and another one opening when it comes to AI-generated art.

‘The one thing I keep thinking about is, if there is no copyright in AI generally, and that’s on the patent side too, I think there’s an absence here of tools in your IP toolkit to protect something generated by AI,’ she said. ‘And the thing I keep coming back to is trademark.’ Since a trademark protection does not require an authorship prerequisite, Estoesta believes it could be a useful tool to protect AI-generated works ‘to a certain degree.’

‘One thing to consider is to incorporate [the AI-generated work] in branding somehow, so that it’s recognized as a source identifier and can be protected,’ she noted.”

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