Director Deborah Sterling, Ph.D. is recognized as an “Emerging Women Leader” by DCA Live. On March 19, she will attend a special event to honor a group of exceptional women lawyers in the Washington region who are emerging as leaders within their firms and the broader legal community.

Chandrika Vira, Doug Anderson, Debs Sterling
Pictured here: Chandrika Vira, Director; Doug Anderson, Founder and President of DCA Live; Deborah Sterling, Director & Chair of the Biotechnology & Chemical Practice Group

Fast Facts:

Most recent vacation or favorite spot: Galapagos Islands. Not only extraordinarily unique and breathtaking, but also completely off the grid – having no cell signal makes for a great opportunity to recharge.

Favorite “power lunch” spot: Sakina Halal Grill – I take my mentees there. It is a nice place with tasty, reasonably-priced food. I also appreciate that it is a gem in the city, because they offer meals to the homeless for free, and I like to support that.

Dream non-law job: ER doctor. Who wouldn’t want to save lives?

Most interesting trend — either good or bad: Not a trend per se, but the different perspectives of the three generations working together at this time – baby boomers, Gen X, and millennials – is making for some interesting dynamics and changes in direction in the workplace.

Advice to young women entering the legal profession: Everything is happening at breakneck speed in our personal and professional lives. It is challenging to have time to really think through one particular topic or issue, because we are always being bombarded with some kind of stimuli. Remember to put the brakes on when dealing with critical issues. The quickest answer may not be the best solution; even just a few minutes of time to think and reflect can make a big difference.

Mentor or mentors you’d identify and thank as critical in your path to success. Most recently, my colleague and fellow partner, John Covert has been one of my biggest supporters, and I’ve learned a lot from him about heading a practice group while maintaining my own vibrant practice. He is also very genuine and has a great sense of humor.

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