Director David H. Holman, was quoted in the article “AI Helps Pharma Find New Drugs But Imperils Lucrative Patents,” published by Bloomberg Law. The article addresses the emergence of Artificial Intelligence generated prior art in the pharmaceutical industry and its potential implications specific to IP considerations. From the article:

“In the litigation context, there could be evidentiary hurdles to introducing AI-generated prior art. Parties will need to prove when a document was published and whether it was publicly accessible, details that could be unknown or challenged by opponents, Holman said.

AI-generated publications ‘can be nonsense,’ he added, but the pharmaceutical industry is monitoring the technology’s development.

‘Every week we’re learning more, it’s getting better, and smarter, and faster, and growing,’ he said. In a matter of time there will ‘probably be more and more of these references that have more sort of coherent types of disclosures. So it’s definitely on our radar.’”


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