Moderator: Robert Greene Sterne
Panelists: Michael D. Specht, Deborah Sterling, Ph.D., Jon E. Wright

This fast-paced webinar summarizes the best thinking across the industry both for patent owners and for petitioners in light of the SAS and Oil States decisions. Our directors are featured speakers and/or panelists at virtually every pan-industry conference and webinar providing analysis on these US Supreme Court decisions over the next two weeks. The discussion addressed and synthesized:

  • Statistical foundation – how many cases are effected (pre-institution, post-institution, CAFC appeals);
  • Board guidance – procedural accommodations by phase; timeline adjustments; senior leadership statements;
  • Industry insights – digest of best thinking shared at pan-industry conferences and webinars;
  • Strategic options – gaming out the options for patent owners and petitioners going forward.

Additionally, Sterne Kessler’s team provided strategic assessment of the implications of these decisions based on the above and our ongoing leadership as one of the most active firms at the PTAB for patent owners and petitioners.

Click here for all of our analyses on the SAS and Oil States U.S. Supreme Court Rulings.

The webinar slides can be downloaded below.