Director Tracy-Gene G. Durkin will moderate the panel “Infringement at the Intersection: Designs, Trade Dress & Copyright” during the Intersections in Intellectual Property: Trends, Policies, and Strategies virtual conference on Friday, March 12, 2021. This event is hosted by the UIC John Marshall Law School Center for Intellectual Property, Information & Privacy Law.

Topics include:

  • Whether and how IP owners can obtain rights in each of these areas for the same product or technology.
  • Coordination of the various rights so none are inadvertently undermined by the others.
  • Challenges practitioners must consider to enforcing rights efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Design patent infringement and ways in which it resembles or does not resemble trademark infringement.
  • Changes to USPTO regulations to support validity challenges or enforcement efforts and the USPTO’s role regarding design patent enforcement.

Conference Overview

Intersections in IP is a one-day, comprehensive CLE program that brings together seasoned experts to share their insights on key intersections—data privacy and antitrust, health and social justice, functionality and infringement in copyright, trademark, and design law, as well as legal issues arising from the Supreme Court case of Google v. Oracle.

Speakers include representatives from the U.S. government, industry, practice, academic, and civic society.