Director Ryan C. Richardson will moderate the panel “Advanced SEP Licensing Strategies: Addressing Challenges and Driving Innovation” and the roundtable “The State of the SEP Landscape” at Technology Patent Network (TPN) North America 2023, hosted by Newton Media in San Francisco, CA. The SEP panel and roundtable will both occur on October 11, 2023.

Richardson will also serve as the conference chair and give each day’s opening address and closing remarks.

Panel Overview

The licensing of SEPs presents unique challenges that impact both patent holders and implementers. This panel discussion brings together key stakeholders to explore the intricacies of SEP licensing, its impact on innovation, and strategies for striking a balance between fair compensation and access to essential technologies. Gain valuable insights on FRAND obligations, valuation nuances, and effective negotiation tactics. Explore recent legal developments and emerging technology impacts, empowering you with the knowledge to drive successful licensing initiatives.