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2019 Sedona Conference on Global Aspects of Patent Litigation

Speaking Engagement
November 19, 2019
Carton House Estate
Hosting Organization(s):
The Sedona Conference
County Kildare, Ireland

Director Robert Greene Sterne will be a moderator at the 2019 Sedona Conference on Global Aspects of Patent Litigation. The conference will continue the in-depth dialogue from the 2017 Conference on Patent Litigation: Global Strategies for Managing Both Multifront Domestic and International Litigation of IP Assets and the 2018 Conference on International Patent Litigation: Aspirations Toward Attaining Effective Global IP Protection, and also from The Sedona Conference’s extensive Working Group 9 and 10 (patent litigation) commentary drafting team efforts over the past five+ years which have been focused on the U.S. patent litigation space and are now expanding to a global perspective.

As markets and technologies grow increasingly interconnected around the world, patent litigants, both owners and defendants, are re-orienting their litigation strategies to reflect global realities. At the same time, changes in the legal landscape, in the U.S., Europe and Asia, are giving rise to both new risks of and new opportunities for patent litigation. Rapidly evolving case law, new guidelines from national competition authorities and other institutions, and legislative initiatives constantly shape and re-shape the ever more complex framework for both plaintiffs and defendants.

The conference co-chairs and a distinguished faculty of judges, government officials, and counsel from around the world will lead the dialogue on topics identifying and explaining the wide range of issues arising in international patent litigation, and comparative approaches across different international patent jurisdictions.