Digital Healthcare

Sterne Kessler’s digital healthcare team has the multi-disciplinary technical depth necessary to protect, defend and enforce clients’ intellectual property.

Sterne Kessler’s multi-disciplinary team is perfectly positioned to help clients in digital healthcare, the next frontier in treating human health and managing the business of healthcare. We help clients at the intersection of information technology; optics and optical analysis; diagnostics and personalized medicine; and medical device technology.

Ideas that just a few years ago seemed nearly impossible are now coming into the mainstream — wearable sensors that provide personalized feedback, smart prosthetics, health and fitness apps, software-driven diagnostics, therapeutics and so on. We provide integrated, comprehensive IP solutions for clients operating at the confluence of digital technology — such as software, analytics, wireless communication, networking, electronics and mobile technologies — with medical and other biological fields.

Sterne Kessler’s integrated, multi-disciplinary digital healthcare team brings a number of distinctive strengths to client relationships:

  • We understand the diverse technology involved in digital healthcare and personalized medicine. Nearly 60 of our professionals hold a Ph.D. and most have an advanced technical degree or significant industry or academic experience. Our experience spans a number of innovations that integrate technologies from multiple technical disciplines — our clients’ innovation teams mirror our patent teams’ diversity.
  • Our interdisciplinary teams are tailored to clients’ specific needs, with backgrounds in a wide range of technologies including software programming and development, computer engineering, optics, electrical engineering, biomedical and healthcare informatics, performance and physiological sensor technology, information technology, eHealth, bioanalysis, molecular biology, chemistry, mechanical engineering, therapeutics, personalized medicine and physics, just to name a few.
  • We bring a depth of experience with inbound and outbound strategic licensing, as well as global patent strategies. We understand the forces at work in the global marketplace.
  • Our trademark, advertising and anti-counterfeiting team knows what it takes to develop and maintain strong brands around the world.
  • Our team of trial lawyers has a proven record of achieving successful results in district court, the Federal Circuit, the USITC and in contested proceedings before the USPTO.

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