Whether wireless, internet, software or hardware, Sterne Kessler has the experience to maximize your IP’s contribution to shareholder value.

Whether the technology is wireless, wireline, internet, software or hardware, Sterne Kessler’s team has the industry experience and technical depth to help immediately. Our clients work on the leading edge of communications technology — we help them grow value in their IP portfolios and compete in a global marketplace.

We are passionate about communications-related intellectual property. We thrive on patent law, technology and adding value for our clients. And, because of this, we will be able to effectively and efficiently protect and monetize your intellectual property.

More than a century after Alexander Graham Bell beat his rival Elisha Gray to the USPTO, effective intellectual property protection and enforcement is more critical than ever. In the hyper-competitive communications industry, winners and losers are often determined based on the strength and exploitation of their patent portfolios. As in the case of Bell and Gray, having a great idea is not always enough. Finding the right attorneys to represent you and being committed to building and leveraging a strong patent portfolio are essential as well. Our team is uniquely qualified to address the complex and challenging intellectual property issues facing communications companies today.

The Sterne Kessler team has a wide range of success in representing established and emerging-stage companies with their communications-related intellectual property needs. We have assisted with:

  • Strategic counseling
  • Patent application drafting
  • Patent prosecution
  • Patent Office litigation (IPRs and PGRs)
  • Licensing
  • Litigation
  • ITC investigations

Our team has more than 100 years of industry experience collectively, working at leading communications companies, such as AT&T, Bell Labs, Bellcore, Ericsson, JDS Uniphase Corporation, Lucent, Motorola, Nortel, RCA and Sprint. Additionally, the majority of our team members have advanced technical degrees focusing on communications-related technology.

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