Sterne Kessler was and remains a pioneer in biotechnology IP — including biopharma, industrial biotech and biosimilars.

Sterne Kessler's biotechnology practice was established just as the biotech revolution was beginning. Today, our biotech practice is as diverse as the industry itself. We counsel clients worldwide on IP strategy across major applications of biotechnology — medicine and healthcare, agricultural processes, non-food and industrial processes, and environmental uses.


Sterne Kessler’s biopharma industry team counsels clients worldwide on IP strategy across medical and healthcare related applications of biotechnology.


Sterne Kessler’s industry team helps companies navigate the substantial opportunities and challenges associated with the launch of biosimilar drugs.

Therapeutic Antibodies

Sterne Kessler’s provides integrated, strategic IP advice to therapeutic antibody innovators, including patent prosecution, opinions of counsel, litigation.

Industrial & Agricultural Biotech

Sterne Kessler’s industrial and agricultural biotechnology team has developed the landmark patents, and won the seminal disputes, in white and green biotech.

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