How do Egg Whites, Oil & Food Coloring Add up to an Innovative Patent Portfolio for MITRE?

When Elaine Mullen of MITRE Corporation began experimenting with egg whites, oil and food coloring in her kitchen, she knew she was on to something interesting.

Elaine's experimentation was the beginning of her pioneering work in the emerging field of glycobiology (the study of complex sugar molecules and their role in biology).  Sterne Kessler has partnered with Elaine and MITRE Corporation on patent preparation and prosecution related to this unique technology space with the goal of protecting strategic innovation for the company.

Three patents and numerous patent applications later, Elaine Mullen's most recent work was highlighted in the January 29, 2009 issue of Nature.  In an article titled "Glycobiology:  Surface Sensing," Elaine and her collaborators describe the development of an ultra-sensitive sensor for the detection of pathogens.  This important advance in pathogen detection has numerous and important applications in the health and bio-defense fields.