Good Things Are Worth Doing More Than Once

In patent applications filed for Bio Sidus, Sterne Kessler is on the cutting edge in protecting a new kind of animal - one part cow and one part pharmaceutical factory.

On a farm in Argentina, Bio Sidus is cloning transgenic cows that produce milk containing human growth hormone and other therapeutic proteins.  The result is the ability to treat dwarfism and other hormonal diseases.

Since its beginning 1983, Bio Sidus has developed, manufactured and distributed biotech products such as interferons,  erythropoietin, granulocyte-colony stimulating factors and somatropin- amounting to over 23 million doses, for administration to patients in more than thirty countries.  Their state of the art technology and sophisticated distribution systems have propelled Bio Sidus to a prominent role in Latin America's pharmaceutical industry.

Since 1998, we have provided counsel for integrating Bio Sidus' research and commercialization needs within the  international  patent  system, helping  to make them a patent - savvy company.  Our team has also helped protect, license and litigate when necessary, to protect Bio Sidus' products and their uses.