Case Studies

Sterne Kessler has secured some of the most valuable patents in history and secured big wins in IP litigation. That's why tech innovators choose us — results.

We've secured some of the most valuable patents in history and racked up big wins in IP litigation for our clients. That's why technology leaders choose Sterne Kessler — we understand what they really need and deliver real results. Check out the case studies below for more on our winning IP strategies.

The FURminator® deShedding Tool is so unique and effective, you have to see it to believe it. That's why, when Sterne Kessler attorneys were selected to represent FURminator® in an ex partes reexamination, they knew their best shot at winning was to showcase the tool in action.
In a complex biologics investigation before the U.S. International Trade Commission, Sterne Kessler clinched a positive outcome for Instituto Bioclon, a snake antivenom manufacturer based in Mexico, and for its licensee Laboratorios Silanes. 
In patent applications filed for Bio Sidus, Sterne Kessler is on the cutting edge in protecting a new kind of animal - one part cow and one part pharmaceutical factory.
When Elaine Mullen of MITRE Corporation began experimenting with egg whites, oil and food coloring in her kitchen, she knew she was on to something interesting.
Phillips Foods is clawing its way to the top of the seafood industry.
Method Products lives its mantra “People Against Dirty” by creating naturally based household and personal care products that are easy on the eyes, nose and environment.
1 Tiny Insect + 1 Vaccine Innovation = the promise of millions of lives saved. After more than a decade of development and testing, and following in the footsteps of others who tried and failed, Sanaria Inc., a Sterne Kessler client, has developed a vaccine to prevent the spread of malaria.
2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa official sponsor adidas sought the help of Sterne Kessler to secure design rights for its eye-catching Jabulani, the official match ball.
Digital rights management technology, or DRM, is the invisible shield that manages the use and distribution of digital content. ContentGuard, owner of more than 290 DRM patents worldwide, was faced with defending six of its patents against an IPR attack, it called on Sterne Kessler.